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SLProject NumberProject TitleLead InvestigatorProject StatusSubmitting InstitutionActions
1PPM 03-0227-190008HLA transcriptomicsDr. Bernice LoAward ActiveSidra Medicine 
2PPM 03-0311-190017The QGPRS Study: Qatar Genome Polygenic Risk Score, a precision Medicine Approach to Prevent Diabetic Complications in the affected Qatari IndividualsDr. Ammira Al-Shabeeb AkilActive AwardSidra Medicine 
3PPM 03-0314-190024Precision Pharmacogenomics in QatarDr. Amal robayActive AwardWeill Cornell Medical College in Qatar 
4PPM 03-0322-190036Personalizing Therapy for Atrial Fibrillation in QatarisDr. Nidal AsaadActive AwardHamad Medical Corporation 
5PPM 03-0324-190038Personalized care for Qatari patients with genetic predisposition to hypercholesterolaemia: better prediction, diagnosis and managementProf. Omar AlbaghaAward ActiveHamad Bin Khalifa University
6PPM 04-0128-200014Pharmacogenetics in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: from variants identification to clinical implementation.Dr. NAIMA AL-MULLAAward ActiveSidra Medicine
7PPM 04-0128-200015Unlocking precision medicine potential through functional genomic studies in the diagnosis of inherited immunodeficiency diseases.Dr. Amel HassanAward ActiveSidra Medicine    
8PPM 04-0131-200019Early diagnosis of proteinopathies using massively parallel nano-spectroscopy with single-molecule sensitivity. Advanced clinical diagnostics for the development of personalized treatmentsProf. Milivoj BelicAward ActiveTexas A&M University at Qatar
9PPM 04-0311-200035Exploring Drug Resistance Mechanisms in Triple Negative Breast Cancers: From Patient Derived Organoids towards Precision MedicineProf. Lotfi ChouchaneAward ActiveWeill Cornell Medical College in Qatar
10PPM 04-0312-200037Pharmacogenomics of TNF inhibitors in autoimmune diseasesDr. Borbala Mifsud    Award ActiveHamad Bin Khalifa University
11PPM 05-0316-210001    Multiregional genomic sequencing of pediatric cancer patients from Qatar, solid tumor heterogeneity and clinical impact    Dr. Wouter Hendrickx    Award ActiveSidra Medicine 
12PPM 05-0419-210008    Mendelian forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Identifying the Genomic and Immunologic Drivers of Intestinal Inflammation    Dr. Bernice Lo    Award ActiveSidra Medicine 
13PPM 05-0423-210009    Target and drug discovery for cardiovascular genomic medicine using high-throughput cell screening platform    Dr. Ayman Al Haj Zen    Award ActiveHamad Bin Khalifa University
14PPM 05-0506-210017    Artificial Intelligence and Precision Lifestyle Medicine: Unlocking the complex relationship between genes and environment    Dr. Mohammed Al-Thani    Award ActiveMinistry of Public Health 
15PPM1-0102-160028    Genetic VERSUS Environmental Basis for Familial Diabetes in Qatar    Prof. Abdul-Badi Abou-Samra    Award Tech. Completed    Hamad Medical Corporation
16PPM1-1122-150008    Mapping the population transcriptome for the Pilot phase of the Qatar Genome Project: Towards elucidating the causal functional consequences of Qatari genetic variation    Dr. Younes Mokrab    Award Tech. Completed    Sidra Medicine
17PPM1-1206-150013    Personalized approach to muscle and neuromuscular genetic diseases in Qatar: Paths from clinical genetics and genomic signature research to preventive and precision medicine    Prof. Alice Abd El Aleem    Award Tech. Completed    Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar
18PPM1-1220-150017    A platform for large-scale serological profiling of the Qatari population to link individual genome and immune phenotype variation in health and disease    Dr. Nico Marr    Award Tech. Completed     
19PPM1-1229-150022    A high resolution map of structural variation in Qatari genomes and their contribution to quantitative traits and disease    Dr. Khalid Fakhro    Award Tech. Completed    Sidra Medicine 
20PPM2-0207-170010    Identification of genetic variants associated with polycystic ovary syndrome
Prof. Steven Hunt    Award TerminatedWeill Cornell Medical College in Qatar
21PPM2-0216-170012Saliva diagnostics to pave the way towards personalized medicine    Dr. Souhaila Al Khodor    Award ActiveSidra Medicine 
22PPM2-0216-170014 Genomics, Islamic Ethics and Public Engagement (GIEPE): Towards Bridging the Knowledge and Communication Gaps    Dr. Mohammed Ghaly    Award ActiveHamad Bin Khalifa University
23PPM2-0226-170020Qatar Epigenome: Profiling of Epigenetic modifications and identification of Epigenome Wide predictors of Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity in Qataris from the QGP pilot study.Dr. Noha YousriAward ActiveWeill Cornell Medical College in Qatar