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Data Retention Policy


QBB retains only that data that is necessary to effectively conduct its services, fulfill its mission and comply with applicable laws and regulations. Reasons for data retention include:

•    Providing an ongoing service (e.g. sending a newsletter, publication or ongoing updates to an individual, accessing individual reports (upon consent) online, and requests for QBB online services for researcher and interested individuals)
QBB seeks to avoid duplication in data storage whenever possible, though there may be instances in which for programmatic or other business reasons it is necessary for data to be held in more than one place.
This policy applies to all data in QBB’s possession, including duplicate copies of data. Retention Requirements QBB has set the following guidelines for retaining all personal data as defined in the Institute’s data privacy policy.
•    QBB participants data will be retained as long as necessary to provide the service requested/initiated through the QBB participants portal and mobile application.
•    Participants who requested to delete their data to QBB recruitment department, their records will be deleted accordingly.
•    Participants who consented to receive their medical reports online, their reports will be available for 10 calendar days to be accessed through the portal and mobile app.
•    Outbound and Inbound calls targeting participants recruitments are recorded for quality check purposes and retained for 120 Days.
•    Researchers who registered through research portal and their account is active they will be retained for life time unless it was in-active for 2 years then they will be deleted.
•    Approved Data Extract requests submitted by researchers will remain available through the portal for 15 calendar days and then will be inaccessible.

Data Destruction

Data destruction ensures that QBB manages the data it controls and processes it in an efficient and responsible manner. When the retention period for the data as outlined above expires, QBB will actively destroy the data covered by this policy. Any exceptions to this data retention policy must be approved by QBB’s Director in consultation with information security manager.